Here We Go Again.

YEY. It’s that time of the year again when people like me are put aside so that people like you can cuddle, hug, kiss, have sex or fuck publicly.

Well, seriously if you just want to fuck publicly then you might as well get arrested or just throw yourselves on the street. That kind of fun huh.

First of all, I am not bitter. Right now, I’ve finally learned that even though I’m still single, and I’m still quite immature I’ve known how to be happy despite of it. I think February isn’t just for couples. I think that this month is also about belonging and connecting with people who are important to you. 

I have to admit, I’m not actually an expert when it comes to boys. Take my experience 2 years ago when I thought I was falling for the guy but the guy turned out to be er… how do I put this… er, a JERK. Back then, I was superficial when it comes to love. Maybe if I did a rain check on myself and used my brain or paused for a minute I wouldn’t have gotten hurt. But I did, and it already happened so what’s left for me is a lesson. When I was 18 I thought it was love when I experienced the “mutual” thing. Now that I’m 20 I think it’s a lot more deeper than a mutual understanding. I think love has no definite meaning because it goes differently for each of us. But for me, I think love is that kind of act my parents give to me. I know it sounds cheesy but I do think that. I love my parents more than anyone and  they and the rest of my family love me for everything I am.

So maybe that’s what I look for in the opposite sex. Maybe there would come a day that loving someone wouldn’t require something back. Maybe there would come a day where I will find myself in deep shit saying, “Oh, this is the guy. It’s definitely him”



I still need to improve…a lot

Music Genre

KPOP? Please, it’s no big deal.

I don’t get why so many people react so violently about it. (Ehem like my Brother) In all honestly, I wasn’t really that hooked to KPOP in the very beginning but now I guess I am. (Big Exo fan here :D)

Siguro ilan sa mga friends ko they like KPOP and some, not very much. My opinion, it’s just a another genre in music I happen to like and dance to. Why do  people get disgusted with it (Ehem like my brother)? I don’t know, and I don’t get it why they think that. I mean, I like classic rock, pop, jazz, rnb and soul and all those skrillex dubstep that makes you feel like a thug thing - I can listen to almost any kind of music just it’s not that gay bieber type, that I can’t handle. Maybe what I’m trying to say here is that, even though I couldn’t understand it, KPOP makes me feel happy and positive so much better than the songs of Beiber that I could totally understand but makes me feel like a douche.


Di ko mapigilan, Ang cute nila :DDDDD

(GASPS) Nasa baba na yung “Hearts/I love it”, reblog and shit ng tumblr!!! OMG BANO
Monday Dinner Date ;D

Those Blue Eyes <3

SPOTTED at Metro Lucena…Mr. Somerhalder looking at the cam with those brooding eyes hahaha

although I’m upset about the break-up, ian will always be GORGEOUS!!!!

He and Nina better get back together soon, I wouldn’t want them to be like Zanessa….it just breaks my heart :(((

Please, It’s not like I care

so it’s kind of been a tough week for me.

A bit challenging pero kaya naman. So anyway, I’m a tad close to graduating, in fact Im 47 units away from the gold. Hopefully I’ll pass and for those out there who thinks being single is bad, then I guess you’ll never learn how to stand on the ground on your own. I will graduate without a fucking boyfriend and I don’t give a damn what the hell you’ll think of me.